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Eleven banks have passed a major milestone in the digitisation of documentary trade finance.

They have developed a prototype application on R3’s distributed ledger platform, Corda, that has the potential to significantly reduce inefficiencies and costs by streamlining the processing of sight letters of credit.

Bangkok Bank, BBVA, BNP Paribas, HSBC, ING, Intesa Sanpaolo, Mizuho, RBS, Scotiabank, SEB and U.S. Bank have been collaborating with R3 and technology partner CGI over the last year on numerous trade finance projects, building and testing applications. Using lessons learnt from these projects, the group has now developed a trade finance application on Corda that incorporates shippers and carriers. Several R3 member institutions now intend to pilot the platform with the goal of making it widely available in 2018.


HSBC and IBM use robotics to speed up trade financing

HSBC has partnered with technology group IBM to bring the traditionally paper-heavy trade financing process into the digital age.

The initiative is the latest effort to make trade transactions, which HSBC said can involve as many as 15 different 40-page documents, more efficient.

The UK bank is working with IBM to use advanced robotics to identify, digitise and extract data from such documents and feed this into its own transaction processing systems.

Natalie Blyth, HSBC’s head of global trade and receivables finance, said: “By digitising this process we will make transactions quicker and safer for both buyers and suppliers, leading our industry forwards, and we will reduce compliance risks through an enhanced ability to manage huge volumes of data.”


HFC Boosts Trade Finance

Knowledge on trade finance is very important for Banks.

This was the comment made by the acting chief executive officer HFC Bank in Fiji Raj Sharma at the HFC Bank and Asian Development Bank (ADB) trade finance client seminar at Tanoa Waterfront Hotel in Lautoka yesterday.

He said the seminar would enhance the knowledge of their customers to know about trade finance facilities offered by HFC Bank. “This year we have signed an agreement with ADB under this trade finance facility,” Mr Sharma said. “This means with ADB, it gives us a window to have access to over 200 banks globally.” He added: “Trade finance facility has a lot of advantages and we as a local bank would have difficulty to setup a corresponding relationship with other banks.

“We have learnt about trade finance facilities in terms of letters of credit that could be given to the customers, opening of account.


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