VIX Volatility Index

The US VIX has been in the news in the last few days. So right after the India VIX made its lowest reading on record, the US VIX has dipped to a low that touches the trendline of the low in 1993 to the low in 2006. In the long term history of the VIX these low points did not mark major market tops. At the same time it maybe noted that the US VIX rises higher much before such an event. So volatility was already rising into the 2007 S&P top before it happened.

On the other hand shorter term lows in the VIX have been associated with near term market corrections and therefore we may still pay attention to it. The recent low is also on the trendline of the lows of the last two years. So a rise in near term volatility from here when it happens would give us a near term correction is all we can say with this.

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