Adam Smith Associates At GTR Asia (Singapore)

Building on its reputation as the largest and most popular trade finance gathering anywhere in the world, the conference returned to Singapore on September 5-8 at Marina Bay Sands. With over 100 speakers, 45 exhibitors, 60 sponsors & partners the event provided an effective and impartial marketplace for all involved in trade, commodity and export finance.

Officially completing its 9th year, attendance exceeded the 900 plus delegates of 2016’s event and welcomed over 1,000 delegates, affirming that GTR Asia Trade & Treasury Week as the essential place to be for anyone involved in international trade and treasury.

Topics discussed include:

  • Protectionism vs multilateralism, realignment towards China, economic trends and scenarios
  • Trade finance gaps in 2017: The impact on trade, growth and jobs
  • The Belt & Road Initiative: The jewel in Asia’s crown?
  • Great expectations: How is the industry preparing for the era of fintech-enabled trade finance?
  • Trader perspectives on the commodity rebound and challenges in structured commodity finance ›› Country profiles: Vietnam, the Philippines, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
  • Understanding potential threats to trade and economic stability in Asia
  • The role of insurers in managing and mitigating risk in uncertain times
  • Managing and financing Asia’s supply chains and the importance of working capital optimisation
  • Achieving sustainable trade: The challenges ahead
  • Are more investors accessing the trade finance market? What are they looking for?
  • ‘The business of treasury’: Operational challenges and the strategic environment

Mr Rudra Kundu, Managing Director was a panelist at the at the “Trade & Commodity Finance” stream from Adam Smith Associates Pvt Ltd.  Wherein the interview was conducted by Mr Rudra on topic

Are more investors accessing the trade finance market? What are they looking for?

Clement Schappler, Chief Risk Officer, EFA Group & Pankaj Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Riqueza Capital were interviewed
by Rudra Kundu, Managing Director, Adam Smith Associates Pvt. Ltd.

● Examining the key factors in new kinds of investors looking at trade finance assets: How has this manifested itself in Asia? Is a different outlook required from that of traditional investment banking?
● What are investors looking for? Is it the type of yield or whether the asset is backed by insurance? Are we seeing more long-term interest? How difficult is it to get the right level of trade expertise?
● To what extent can supply chain finance play a role in handling investors and underwriting investments? To what degree have legal concerns been addressed?