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UK Government Recruits Big Banks For SME Trade Finance

As part of a broader effort to keep the economy strong post-Brexit, the United Kingdom has reportedly reached a deal with the nation’s largest banks to provide trade finance to SMEs that are exporting overseas.

According to The Financial Times on Wednesday (July 12), Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, RBS and Santander are partnering with the United Kingdom to extend trade finance to exporting small businesses (SMBs) and their suppliers. Trade secretary Liam Fox said the move aims to make access to capital easier for those SMEs and their suppliers as the nation works to catch up to other EU markets, like Germany, by boosting exports.

Reports said the agreement will see the government giving banks a guarantee to reduce some of the risk of lending to SMBs. Government body U.K. Export Finance will take on 80 percent of the risk of the loan or bon


Digitalising Trade Finance: the time to act is now

While digitalisation of banking processes has been gathering pace in many areas – from Retail Banking to Payments processing – Trade Finance has been lagging in its digital journey. Recent research from the International Chamber of Commerce found that just 7% of respondents said digitalisation was “widespread”.

Trade Finance has always been paper-intensive, from letters of credit to bills of lading. Although slow moving, the system worked and the need to innovate was not there. Until now the technology solutions deployed by banks to handle the Trade Finance processes have generally been hardcoded – making it difficult to customise or react quickly and innovatively to changing market requirements.


The Growth Of Cryptocurrency: India Versus Global Trends

The Government Of India Is Looking To Legalise Cryptocurrency Such As Bitcoin.

There is a growing consensus that cryptocurrencies will certainly play a crucial role in the way we deal with money. In April 2017, the total market cap for all cryptocurrencies, combined, was slightly higher than $25 Bn. The same market cap shot up by 300% and touched $100 Bn within 60 days. It is already widely reported that cryptocurrency, as an asset class, is set to outpace all other asset classes in relative growth.


Brazil, Euro And Dollar Index Technical Analysis

Brazil – Wave 5 ended in FEB. We are now in the third leg, wave Y, which is a 3 wave decline marked as A-B-C and wave B mostly completed at the upper Bollinger band in a small 5 wave advance [wave c of B], so wave C down can go to 56000-55800 if C=A



Wave 4 up in the dollar is still not complete. This especially as the Euro bullish sentiment reached a multi year record of nearly 93%. This reading needs to cool off more and the dollar should at least move up in wave c of 4 before we see the decline resume. 95.225 was the recent low and till it holds this is the view.


The Euro This morning on the hourly chart shows a clear 5 wave decline in wave A, and a bounce back which is mostly B. 38.2% at 1.138 or 61.8% at 1.14 may be achieved in wave B after which wave C can drop to 1.125 or as far as 1.11. The 5 wave decline should mean that the 5 wave rise from the April low is complete and being corrected. The first pull back in a larger up trend.

Adam Smith Associates offers trade & commodity finance related services & solutions to its domestic and international clients. Views expressed in this article are purely of the author – Mr Rohit Srivastava – a leading technical analyst. Visit for services offered by Adam Smith Associates Pvt Ltd

Indian Sentiments Update

The weekly chart of the Sensex provides for a more reliable count for the move now. With the moves since march fitting a rising channel. Wave 1 and 3 here are 5 waves and 3<1, so we are in wave 5 which will be smaller still. And will end at or before the upper channel line at 32300. Will it be a one side move in wave 5 or also a subdivision like the first two impulse waves. While both are possible, subdivisions do sometimes repeat and if so then this last 5 waves up could spend a whole month completing even with a smaller target. But it can end abruptly as well.

So we will have to see what happens when a smaller degree 5 waves up completes, do we get a trend reversal. The 5th wave can also end up being an ending pattern which would then be 3-3-3-3-3 in terms of its internal wave counts.

All the above would have to weighed on what the sentiment is doing? Will FII data remain reliable where P Notes are concerned? Locally registered FIIs can still trade derivatives. So of the Index futures OI for FIIs. how much is P Notes? It would be a small amount. FIIs have a total of 1082696 contracts open in F&O yesterday evening. Not all are P Notes. So at a contract level yesterdays total Open contracts are higher than day before. So where is the big reduction in positions? However when we measure the net positions as long or short based on these charts it show that FIIs continue to reduce their index longs in futures over the last month. Will keep watching this data and so far as there is no major change in OI the data remains reliable, and P Notes are not affecting this much so far as P Note exposures have been coming down over the year since the regulator has been pushing for the same for a long time.

Another Indicator that I discussed in last weeks video update was the Client side options positions. That spiked yesterday to -33% short as Put OI hit a new high. I have inverted the indicator at the bottom of the chart so that negative readings can be associated with market tops. While rising Put OI is bullish, at extremes it becomes contrarian. Most tops were seen when we went higher than -30%.

The OI Put Call ratio for the market reached 1.228 above the red line shown below. The last high reading was in May that caused more of a broad market reaction than Nifty.

Anther way to look at the Call Put ratio is the actual difference than the ratio. Note the above two and this below are reflecting a big jump in PUT OI from different angles. This chart shows that when in value terms the OI is at negative 15k crore there are many market highs and lows, but at close to 20k crore near the red line we get some important highs and lows. Yesterday we were at -19320 crore. We were at a similar reading before the May top in Midcaps this year, the March 2015 top in NIfty [9119] and the Feb 2012 top and April 2011 market high.

Adam Smith Associates offers trade & commodity finance related services & solutions to its domestic and international clients. Views expressed in this article are purely of the author – Mr Rohit Srivastava – a leading technical analyst. Visit for services offered by Adam Smith Associates Pvt Ltd

Commodity Technical Analysis


Soy bean prices formed an expanding triangle near the 61.8% mark. Last time I wrote that a bounce can occur because of the triangle but as shown why not a bottom? Possible Wave Y is over. Either another X wave up retracing the Y or the start of a major impulse. The trend should be up as long as we are above 2650. Breakout of the triangle above 3035 to go to 3286

Copper MCX

Copper Closed the week down. Now 365 is the next support. Halting near retracements it is still possible that copper is within a larger corrective structure. The recent rally is not certainly impulsive. So if 365 breaks wee can see it go back to test the 353 low [below 2.62$ to 2.48$].


Base metals are showing a near term correction after Lead, Aluminium and Zinc look like completing near term 5 wave rallies. The indication therefore is of a positive trend ahead but after a pause correction or retracement. The size of a pullback is hard to say.

For Zinc below the 20dma at 173 is the immediate support. 167 is the 61.8% retracement mark.


Crude has fallen in 3 waves so far to 66% retracement. If the low of 43.65 is not broken we can start wave c up to 49.10 or higher.

Silver MCX

Reccent data from CFTC shows that bulls that were record long at the highs on Silver have given back almost all of their long positions. With sentiment at just 9% bullish we are at the fag end of the decline in gold and silver. The chart shows the falling channel for the price, that I published a while back. At yesterdays low we came close to the line and we may test it one last time in wave z down. The channel is at 35000. The RSI is also entering the oversold sub-30 range.


Corn – Prices surged with the rest of the Agro prices on the international markets. Corn hit a new high as it starts a larger degree 3rd wave up. Wave 3 up points to 460 just based on 3=1. That is a normal non extended wave over 12 months.

Adam Smith Associates offers trade & commodity finance related services & solutions to its domestic and international clients. Views expressed in this article are purely of the author – Mr Rohit Srivastava – a leading technical analyst. Visit for services offered by Adam Smith Associates Pvt Ltd





Currency And US 30 Year Treasury Bonds Technical Analysis

While the 10 year has already broken the rising channel 2 days ago the 30 year bonds are now at the rising trendline near 152. So a further decline in the bond market will get this second confirmation of a break down in the bond market. We would be at the start of a 3rd wave down in US bonds. [We have discussed this scenario and its impact in this months Long short report.]


USDCAD – the last post identified the Wave B high at 61.8%. From there we have a 5 wave decline so the down trend is established. We may get the first retracement of the fall when the 5 wave decline completes but the larger trend down will resume again, till C=A is achieved. The RSI is getting oversold. 1.33 near the wave 4 high would be a resistance level during a counter trend move up. After that we may head to 1.25 in wave 3 of C.


The euro/dollar did not achieve 1.15 and it is hard to say yet that prices have started wave 2 down. When they do we get a retracement of the entire 5 wave rise back to the wave 4 low near 1.11. Till then it is open to interpretation. But the overall picture is clear, that we are ending a 5 wave rise and due for retracement before a larger rally resumes


Adam Smith Associates offers trade & commodity finance related services & solutions to its domestic and international clients. Views expressed in this article are purely of the author – Mr Rohit Srivastava – a leading technical analyst. Visit for services offered by Adam Smith Associates Pvt Ltd


Nasdaq, DAX And Karachi Index Technical Analysis


So while the Dow tested its highs again the Nasdaq was again pulled down as all the FANG stocks gave up. The Nasdaq 100 index broke the 29/06 swing low. The neckline of a h&s broken the pattern points to 5420.


DAX – the German index has not confirmed a trend reversal on long term charts yet but it did form a doji star on the quarterly chart. That it did so after achieving the target of 5=1 shown by the box makes it an important candle to watch as the trend could be complete here


A very steep fall in the Karachi 100, and it is in wave 5/5, but the 5th wave did not achieve the Fibonacci or channel target. So I leave it open as to whether the final top is in or not. While possible ideally it should extend some more.

Adam Smith Associates offers trade & commodity finance related services & solutions to its domestic and international clients. Views expressed in this article are purely of the author – Mr Rohit Srivastava – a leading technical analyst. Visit for services offered by Adam Smith Associates Pvt Ltd

Commodity Technical Analysis


Copper Quarterly momentum crossed over to the buy side as a positive indication. We still have to get over the quarterly averages at 2.73 and 2.84 for a larger move to 3.80 to develop.


Gold broke the neckline of the last several months at 1230$. The neckline measurement target coincides with the 78.6% retracement near 1160. However the rising trendline from the 2015 Dec bottom is at 1173. 61.8% is at 1188. That gives us two levels to watch for oversold readings and a trend reversal to capture the bottom in gold. 1188 and 1172-1160. It is normal for wave E to either be short or go below the lower line [causing a selling exhaustion] before turning around. Right now staying below 1232 is bearish near term.

Soy Meal CBT

Soy Meal prices made a double bottom near 292$, and broke out of the falling trendine for wave of 2. A bottom maybe now in place for a larger 3rd wave up to start. Initial hurdle is 330 at 61.8% of Y. Then the X at 354 after that we should be heading to a new high above 432.Failure to go above 330 and 354 can keep us in wave 2 by some alternate patters.


Silver hit the 20dma resistance at 16.90 and sold off. Staying below this level Silver would be in wave iii down to 15.52

Wheat CBT

After being bullish global wheat prices in my last update I was negative as prices reacted from the falling channel of the last few years. But we now have a breakout so it is best to stick to the original outlook. Wheat CBT should be in wave 3/3 up now. Staying above 470 the trend is up and the next two swing resistance levels are 524 and 615. The monthly Bollinger band is also near 500. So getting past the 500-524 range would expand volatility meaningfully.

Sugar CSCE

The relentless fall in global sugar may have ended. Wave v of C down was forming for a while and extending. Now it counts as a completed 5 wave decline and yesterday’s bounce gets the RSI out of oversold territory. The recent low is near the 2016 bottom seen in sugar so it is a good level to hold near 12.5$. This is also wave 2 down for the longer term. The next move up should mark the start of a 3rd wave advance in global sugar prices.

Coffee CSCE

Coffee prices bounced back from the oversold territory, meaning an RSI of below 30 on both the daily and weekly charts. The near term a falling trendline from the wave d high is at 131, so a move above 131 should be a final confirmation of a trend reversal. The quarterly chart below shows the big picture. The development of a triangle from 2010 onwards which is mostly wave B, and sets it up for wave C up a major new bull move for Coffee prices. Lets get a little imaginative here. If C=A is achieved over 5 years Coffee prices go to 700 from 125 now. That is quite crazy. The triangle breakout will be above 168. Note it is also possible that prices remain within the triangle for now and only go to 168 to come back to 120 again. So unless we breakout the triangle is still forming. For the year ahead however a move to 168 can be seen.

Adam Smith Associates offers trade & commodity finance related services & solutions to its domestic and international clients. Views expressed in this article are purely of the author – Mr Rohit Srivastava – a leading technical analyst. Visit for services offered by Adam Smith Associates Pvt Ltd





The Upside to Trade Finance Advisory


Popular search engines are excellent examples, with over 75% annual earnings before five decades. I ask that you explore our site, which provides rich info on APICORP’s history, strategy, activities and achievements, and valuable industry research. Here you’ll find some helpful information about ways to mitigate risks whenever you are in a global trade.

Letter Of Credit

Even during intervals of low oil prices and financial crises, we’ve efficiently facilitated the access to capital for the business. It’s important to know about the further costs related to making use of a letter of credit.

Many emerging markets provide opportunities which you cannot get in the country anymore. Through the years, the energy industry in the area has grown to play a critical role in the world economy.

Trade Financing

The company buying the receivables is known as a factor. So as your company grows so does the quantity of funding that is available to you. Trade finance is related to the procedure for financing certain activities related to commerce and worldwide trade.

If you are worried about bad debts, many discounting companies can supply a facility that includes bad debt insurance policy protection for extra security. But if you’re using traditional loan and overdraft facilities that the bank won’t increase, then such a facility will give a solution for cash flow.

Stocks & Warehouses

There are a few circumstances where overpayments can be arranged. However, this kind of advance is going to be determined on the grounds of the way the facility was maintained and if a successful and dependable transactional history was built up.

This scenario would be exactly the tip of the iceberg on how best to get started researching a global stock. Moreover, you would like to be aware of just how much time you are eager to spend researching investment opportunities. The entire idea with stock timing is to learn the length of time you have until you’ll really want the money.

All You Need Is

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The Advantages of Trade Finance Advisory

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